The Dead Weather Comes Alive

Dead Weather singer not cowed by White’s shadow: Aidin Vaziri | It can’t be easy sharing the stage with Jack White – even if he’s sitting behind the drum kit. But Alison Mosshart is better cut out for the job than most. As the wiry singer for the Dead Weather, the White Stripes front man’s side project of the moment, she swaggers effortlessly with her blunt-cut bangs and demon howls. When she trades verses with White over the fuzzy garage-rock racket, stomping her boots and strangling the microphone with her black-painted nails, their voices are virtually indistinguishable. The other band members have taken to calling her Baby Ruthless. So it’s a little strange to finally meet Mosshart, 31, and discover she’s actually less concerned with tearing off my head – as most of the lyrics on the Dead Weather’s second album, “Sea of Cowards,” would indicate – than gushing about the cuddliest Bernese mountain dog she just met while on tour. “Its feet were almost as big as human feet!” she says. Read more.


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