Pop Quiz: Primus

Aidin Vaziri | Shhhh … Les Claypool and guitarist Larry LaLonde have reformed Primus, and they’re playing a secret hometown show tonight at the Great American Music Hall. (Details are at primusville.com.) But if anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from us. We’re just here to report the long-running Bay Area group is talking about a new album and about to embark on the second annual Oddity Faire tour with a lineup of like-minded performers, artists and musical acts. The only hitch is you’ll have to make a road trip to catch it. We asked Claypool, a man who recently started his own wine label and played a preacher in the horror move “Pig Hunt,” to explain Primus’ latest comeback.

Les Claypool of Primus
Q: What made you want to get Primus up and running again?
A: We got some offers for some festivals. My band was finishing up an album cycle. We got Jay Lane, the original Primus drummer from the club days back, and it’s been great. This is definitely the most enthused Larry and I have been about Primus in several years. There is this newness to it and this energy that’s very exciting.
Q: Are you bummed you didn’t break up in a dramatic fashion so you could cash in on the reunion bucks now?
A: I never really thought about it. I guess there’s something poetic to the notion we all punched each other in the face one night and went our separate ways and are now coming back together for this grand thing.
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