Review: Best Coast, ‘Crazy for You’

Review: Best Coast, ‘Crazy for You’: Aidin Vaziri | Bethany Cosentino might have the most impressive list of influences ever: Fleetwood Mac, the Queers, the Shangri-Las, her cats and Elaine Benes of “Seinfeld” (“She’s the coolest!”). Better yet, the 23-year-old Los Angeles native grew up as a minor actress, whose most notable role was in a Little Caesars pizza commercial. Now she fronts the duo Best Coast along with her childhood babysitter Bobb Bruno on bass. How can the group’s first album, “Crazy for You,” be anything less than thrilling? In fuzzy two-minute songs like “When I’m With You,” “Happy” and “Summer Mood,” she wraps vintage girl-group pop in reverb and flannel, layering lovelorn lyrics with endearing indie-rock snarl. Her overall sound may be in thrall of others, but as a singer Cosentino is remarkably assured and assuredly real. These days that’s a bit of a marvel in itself.


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