Pop Quiz: Norah Jones

Aidin Vaziri | Earlier this year, Norah Jones revealed her latest act at the Fillmore. Wearing a silver-and-black cocktail dress, cherry-red lipstick and a matching guitar slung over her shoulder, the 31-year-old New York singer was out to shake up expectations. The songs on her fourth album, “The Fall,” follow suit. Coming after a breakup with longtime boyfriend and collaborator Lee Alexander, they represent some of her most rocking and upbeat to date, with backing from Ryan Adams and members of Beck’s touring band. We asked the Grammy-winning pop-jazz singer how the experiment is going and where she plans to go from here.

Norah Jones
Q: This is such a different show – you’re playing guitar, cracking jokes, wearing lipstick. Are some of your older fans caught off guard?
A: No. They’ve all been great. Before our first show everybody was totally nervous. I didn’t know how people were going to react. But the audience was amazing. They freaked out. That boosted everyone’s confidence. If people are surprised, it’s usually in a good way. I think they can see we’re having fun up there.
Q: Didn’t selling a bajillion albums right out of the gate help with the self-confidence?
A: I think it made it worse. In a way it was great, but in a way it made me more self-conscious because I knew people were looking at me. But I’ve come around.
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