Review: Philip Selway, ‘Familial’

Review: Philip Selway, ‘Familial’: Aidin Vaziri |Because he’s the drummer for Radiohead, you might expect Philip Selway’s first solo outing to sound like an abstract collision of Terry Bozio, Jeff Porcaro, Nicko McBrain, Tony Thompson and a garage-door opener. On “Familial,” though, which features cameos by Lisa Germano and Wilco’s Glenn Kotche, Selway takes an unexpected turn. He comes up as a folksy singer-songwriter offering hushed songs and well-worn sentiments (“The lights are burning bright/ But no one’s home,” he sings) with very few rhythmic frills. He’s got a pleasant enough voice, but songs such as “All Eyes on Me” and “By Some Miracle,” some of which stretch back to Radiohead’s early days, don’t always amount to anything more than melancholy mood music. Don’t we already have Thom Yorke’s solo album for that?


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