Pop Quiz: Band of Horses

Aidin Vaziri | Having toured arenas with Pearl Jam, rocked several major festivals and had one of their songs covered by Cee Lo Green, this has already been an epic year for Band of Horses. But things just keep getting better for the South Carolina rural rock outfit, which released its third and latest album, “Infinite Arms,” in May. Checking in during a brief break between tours, front man Ben Bridwell tells us he has finally settled on a touring lineup and is starting to feel the benefits of signing to a major label for the self-produced new disc.

Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses
Q: You’ve gone through so many different band members. Are you that difficult to work with?
A: I think, yeah. My report card would probably say, “Doesn’t play well with others.”
Q: So you’re going to take all the blame, just like that?
A: There’s some of that. Some people just weren’t the right fit. We’ve had people who I would consider some of my best friends who didn’t want the lifestyle anymore. There’s no clear answer.
Q: I thought you just hired those other guys based on their ability to grow facial hair.
A: Yes. If they can’t grow a beard, they’re f— out.
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