Review: Kings of Leon, ‘Come Around Sundown’

Review: Kings of Leon, ‘Come Around Sundown’: Aidin Vaziri | If Kings of Leon are feeling any fatigue from running so hard during the past few years – basically since 2008’s “Only by the Night” blew up and made them shaggy-haired festival stars – it certainly doesn’t show on the group’s fifth studio album. On “Come Around Sundown,” the Followill siblings don’t shrink from the spotlight with a bunch of off-key krautrock tunes produced by Steve Albini, but rather grow heroically into their roles as rock ‘n’ roll torchbearers. There’s not much fluff here. The first single, “Radioactive,” speeds forward on a mammoth glam riff and jackhammer chorus; “The Face” finds the group fine-tuning its U2-goes-south strut; and “Mary” sees the boys delivering an unexpected slab of throat-scraping bubble-gum pop. The nonstop touring, the backstage fistfights, the hearing “Sex on Fire” in every topless bar from Bakersfield to Bangladesh – it all went in here. If the previous record put Kings of Leon over the top, this should be the one that makes sure they stay there.


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