Riding With Pablove Across America

Jeff Castelaz fights cancer with Pablove Foundation: Aidin Vaziri | Jeff Castelaz was ready to celebrate. Convinced his 5-year-old son Pablo had beaten a rare form of childhood cancer called bilateral Wilms’ tumor, the co-founder of Los Angeles independent label Dangerbird Records planned a cross-country bike trek to raise money and awareness for other victims of the pediatric disease. “We wanted to do it as a show of strength – that we went through this and we made it,” says Castelaz, 38. “That’s not how our story ended.” Just a few days after his sixth birthday, Pablo lost his yearlong battle with cancer. Given the option of sitting in a room and pulling the shades, Castelaz decided he would complete the ride. “I needed to do something to wring my soul out,” he says. “Cycling has the grace and aggression I needed.” So Castelaz and his wife, Jo Ann Thrailkill, established the Pablove Foundation and set a fundraising goal of $500,000 for pediatric cancer research. Then he started pedaling. Read more.


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