Pop Quiz: Gary Numan

Aidin Vaziri | Gary Numan, the man behind the defining new-wave era hit “Cars,” is on the road celebrating the 30th anniversary of his first album, “The Pleasure Principle.” His plans to play the States earlier this year were derailed when volcanic ash from Iceland prevented his arrival. This time, he had to cancel a show because of laryngitis. But Numan is pressing on with the tour, which arrives Tuesday at the Fillmore. He’s also hard at work on two new albums, “Splinter” and “Dead Son Rising.” We spoke to him shortly after the tour kicked off.

Gary Numan
Q: Your songs have been done by everyone from Nine Inch Nails to Homer Simpson. Do you have a favorite cover version?
A: I’m told that William Shatner did a version of “Cars” and, if that’s true, I can’t tell you how cool it is for me to know that Captain Kirk has covered one of my songs. It doesn’t get any better than that. If he hasn’t, then I remain unfulfilled as a songwriter.
Q: What advice would you offer that serious man with the suit and eye shadow on the cover of “The Pleasure Principle”?
A: I would tell him to relax and enjoy the moment a little more. When I had my first flurry of success, I was so concerned about what to do next and so shocked by the way people reacted to me that I didn’t really just enjoy the moment. Something amazing was happening, and I let all the petty bull get in the way. I think it took me a little too long to grow up.
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