Review: Ke$ha, ‘Cannibal’

Review: Ke$ha, ‘Cannibal’: Aidin Vaziri | Music fans of a certain IQ score – say, 19 – won’t make it past the first two minutes of Ke$ha’s new album. But those who are foolish enough to try will just stand there dumbfounded, eyes rolled so far back into their heads they’ll be looking down their own throats watching the imminent vomit rise. How could the singer behind the unbelievably dumb hit “TiK ToK” (sample line: “Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack”) possibly dumb things down so much more that they are actually dumber than normal dumb? In that sense, the 23-year-old pop star/reverse drag queen is exceptionally skilled. From the stultifying club beats that herald the lead single, “We R Who We R,” to the lyrics that glorify serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer on the title track, she manages to dig deeper at every turn. There’s actually a song titled “C U Next Tuesday,” but only a masochist could actually explain what it sounds like, as it comes at the tail end of an avalanche of nonsense that is highlighted by a tune that sounds exactly like “TiK ToK.” It’s called “Grow a Pear.” Unbelievably, maybe unintentionally, Ke$ha has made Katy Perry sound nearly as sophisticated as those dogs that can bark “Jingle Bells.”


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