Live Review: Bruno Mars at Slim’s

Bruno Mars review: Songs flow, crowd swoons: Aidin Vaziri | At Slim’s, Mars effortlessly stretched out his 35-minute debut album to a highly charged hour-plus show. Wearing his trademark tilted hat, vest and white T-shirt, he took the stage to ecstatic applause. Backed by a six-piece live band that looked as if it was put together by an art director at Benetton, Mars wasted no time leading the audience in storming sing-alongs and hand claps. With his relaxed, sensual delivery – part Maxwell, part Don Ho – and breezy choruses, it seems as if each of his compositions has been genetically engineered to make the ladies swoon. He busted out the ukulele for “Count On Me,” a rainbow-hued love song in search of a life insurance commercial. His take on “Nothin’ on You” was twice as silvery as the original. And the new single, “Grenade”? Well, that felt like a slow grind on the leg. Read more.


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