Live Review: Roger Waters at Oracle Arena

Roger Waters rebuilds dark spectacle of ‘Wall’: Aidin Vaziri | Waters’ big-budget spectacular goes far beyond Broadway. It’s a virtual re-creation of Pink Floyd’s original arena rock show from 1980 (the album was released the year before) in its original form, a multimedia concert that practically laid the groundwork for the rock musicals currently hogging New York’s theater marquees. On Friday, the unreasonably fit Waters, 67, and a group of veteran backing musicians dressed in uniform black filled the considerable venue with high-end sounds and visual effects, bringing back many of the show’s key elements to bolster songs like “Another Brick in the Wall” and “Young Lust.” Within the first few minutes, pyrotechnics had ignited onstage, large nightmarish marionettes had appeared from the rafters and World War II warplanes buzzed overhead. Over the course of the two-hour set, in which the four-sided record was played in its entirety, an actual 36-foot cardboard wall was gradually built (and eventually knocked down) in front of the musicians, hiding them completely from view for a good chunk of the program. And, yes, a pig did fly. Read more.


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