Pop Quiz: Train

Aidin Vaziri | Train scored a surprise comeback hit earlier this year with “Hey, Soul Sister,” which is not only the group’s biggest chart conquest since 2001{minute}s “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” but also the best-selling song in the United States this year. The success of the ukulele-driven tribute to Burning Man, taken from the former Bay Area band’s 2009 album “Save Me, San Francisco,” even caught front man Pat Monahan off guard.

Pat Monahan of Train
Q: You didn’t really need another hit because every radio station still plays “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” a thousand times a day. But were you relieved to have one anyway with “Hey, Soul Sister”?
A: We needed one if we wanted anyone to care in a bigger way. The world has become much more available to us.
Q: So, basically, all you needed to get another song on the radio was a ukulele.
A: No kidding. Had I known that all this time … In a lot of ways I feel like “Save Me, San Francisco” is the real follow-up to “Drops of Jupiter.” We just happened to make a couple of albums in between.
Q: Well, to be fair, you were probably just a little bit distracted by raising your kids, moving to Los Angeles and getting a divorce.
A: That’s right. In a lot of ways, I was using those records to get through those times. Instead of expressing myself in the best way possible, I needed the music to help me.
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