Review: Jamie Foxx, ‘Best Night of My Life’

Review: Jamie Foxx, ‘Best Night of My Life’: Aidin Vaziri | Should Jamie Foxx stick with his day job? The release of the Oscar-winning actor and singer’s fourth studio album was delayed for nearly a year as the first single, the runny Justin Timberlake collaboration “Winner,” withered on the Billboard Hot 100 while subsequent chart offerings “Living Better Now” and “Fall for Your Type” didn’t manage to generate even a fraction of the hype preceding the arrival of famous collaborator Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” Foxx’s record company bosses might be scratching their heads, but now that the album is here, the problem is obvious – Foxx is such a good pantomimist, he’s virtually unidentifiable among the big-budget producers such as Timbaland, the Smeezingtons, Tricky Stewart, the-Dream and West. Simply changing shape from song to song without necessarily owning any of them, Foxx oohs and aahs his way through the meticulous slow jams and club bangers while guests such as Drake and Ludacris walk away with the actual tunes.


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