A Look To 2011

Bay Area 2011 forecast: pop music: Aidin Vaziri | Not for nothing is the month of January named after the two-headed Roman god Janus. It’s a time for looking both forward and back, and in 2011, the arts in the Bay Area and beyond will provide occasion for both.

Noise Pop Festival (Feb. 22-27, various sites)
The beloved and ancient New York indie-rock trio Yo La Tengo, performing at Oakland’s Fox Theater, is this year’s must-see headliner. But there are also several can’t-miss acts: Best Coast, No Age, Ted Leo, Versus and the Stone Foxes.

Girl Talk (March 18, Fox Theater)
Former biomedical engineer Gregg Gillis applies his mind to more worthwhile endeavors these days, such as meticulously pairing samples of popular songs and giving away the results for free on the Internet via his own albums. The latest is called “All Day” and, yes, it features a song that overlaps U2, Aphex Twin and Lady Gaga.
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