Pop Quiz: Daniel Lanois

Aidin Vaziri | Daniel Lanois is best known for his work behind the scenes on career-defining albums by U2 and Peter Gabriel. But with Black Dub, his latest collaborative project, the Grammy-winning Canadian producer is happy to step into the spotlight. Working with bassist Christopher Thomas, drummer Brian Blade, and singer and multi-instrumentalist Trixie Whitley (the daughter of the late blues musician Chris Whitley), Lanois pays casual tribute to his Jamaican music influences on the outfit’s self-titled debut album. Still on the mend from the injuries he suffered in a motorcycle crash in Silver Lake last year, he brings the group to the Independent next Sunday.

Daniel Lanois
Q: Do you remember the motorcycle crash?
A: I sure do. I broke six ribs, the collarbone and got two fractures in the hip area. It was intense. I just got my motorcycle back from the shop.
Q: What were you doing on a motorcycle? And what were you doing in Silver Lake?
A: Well, I’ve been riding since I was 16. It’s my main form of transportation. I was going to the Henry Fonda Theater to catch a show and I never made it.
Q: Did the crash hurt more than playing guitar on the road for Scott Weiland?
A: No. It was the about the same amount of disappointment. He just couldn’t shake that habit. I still love him, though.
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