Review: James Blunt, ‘Some Kind of Trouble’

Review: James Blunt, ‘Some Kind of Trouble’: Aidin Vaziri | How will James Blunt ever top “You’re Beautiful,” the plonking ballad that has played at just about every wedding reception in the world since it broke free from his 12-million-selling debut album, 2005’s “Back to Bedlam”? On his third full-length release, “Some Kind of Trouble,” the British singer-songwriter figures he should try to be all things to all people. He makes like Jason Mraz on the jaunty but seriously flawed first single “Stay The Night” (sample lyrics: “We’ve been singing ‘Billie Jean’/ Mixing vodka with caffeine”), rattles off a series of leathery rock cliches in “Heart of Gold” and throws out a fresh wispy-voiced meditation at every turn (“So Far Gone,” “No Tears”). Even those people whose last musical purchase was the “Beverly Hills Cop II” soundtrack are covered with the otherwise baffling inclusion of “Dangerous.” It may sound infinitely more polished and mainstream than its two predecessors, but the distinct lack of inspiration hardly makes “Trouble” worth the bother.


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