Review: Cut Copy, ‘Zonoscope’

Review: Cut Copy, ‘Zonoscope’: Aidin Vaziri | This Australian outfit is often credited for leading the modern disco revival. But let’s not get carried away. The brainchild of Melbourne producer Dan Whitford may have offered a readymade runway soundtrack with 2008’s breakthrough “In Ghost Colours,” but its music neatly falls in line with a whole breed of dance-rock fusionists that were mainlining synthesized beats long before that album’s arrival – from the Rapture to Hot Chip. That’s not to say Cut Copy’s third and latest, “Zonoscope,” lacks its own distinctive electro-pop thrills. Tighter and more focused than its predecessor, it bursts to life with the ’80s-leaning first single, “Take Me Over.” There are washes of light psychedelia in clanging songs such as “Corner of the Sky” and “Strange Nostalgia for the Future,” and “Pharaohs and Pyramids” shows endearing restraint despite a rather elaborate cowbell solo. But nothing can quite prepare the listener for the dizzying 15-minute closer, “Sun God,” which finds Whitford in a state of unfettered bliss, breaking briefly through the waterfall of beats to chant, “You’ve got to live! You’ve got to live!”


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