Review: Amos Lee, ‘Mission Bell’

Review: Amos Lee, ‘Mission Bell’: Aidin Vaziri | Being labeled “the male Norah Jones” early on didn’t do Amos Lee any favors. It’s understandable, though. Not only does the Philadelphia musician have a creamy, down-to-earth voice, but his songs also inhabit the same cozy space where jazz, Americana and the blues genially come together. His fourth studio album, “Mission Bell,” is another fine showcase for his elegant, soothing songwriting. Songs such as “Windows Are Rolled Down,” “Stay With Me” and “Flower” wrap sterling pop melodies in old-school organ fills and soulful choruses. Meanwhile, guests such as Willie Nelson and Lucinda Williams keep a respectful distance, allowing Lee to lavish the dreamy tunes with a sense of heartbreak and poetry that’s unmistakably his own.


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