Review: Beady Eye, ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’

Review: Beady Eye, ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’: Aidin Vaziri | Oasis fans are wise to approach the first album by Beady Eye, which is essentially the mouthy Britpop group minus the main songwriter and guitar player, Noel Gallagher, with a healthy measure of apprehension. Front man Liam Gallagher (Noel’s younger brother) only contributed a handful of songs during the band’s 18-year run, and most of those were throwaways. But it turns out he does a decent, if not always remarkable, job carrying his own band. With help from guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell, Beady Eye turns out a set of riff-heavy, retro-leaning rock ‘n’ roll songs that can sit comfortably on the shelf next to Oasis’ latter-day offerings. The boogie-woogie kick that propels the first single, “Bright the Light,” sounds a little remedial (even by Gallagher standards), but having been cast adrift the musicians rediscover much of their old-school velocity and vigor on the bulk of the tunes here, particularly Lennon-inspired jams such as “Wigwam,” “Three Ring Circus” and “The Roller.” The only drawback is that the live shows aren’t going to be nearly as exciting without the brotherly punch-ups.


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