Pop Quiz: Girl Talk

Aidin Vaziri | By pairing Radiohead with Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Gregg Gillis is putting his biomedical engineering degree to its best possible use. Recording under the name Girl Talk, the 29-year-old Pittsburgh native has become known for his electrifying pop hybrids, stitched together out of hundreds of very familiar riffs, beats and choruses. “From my perspective, what I do is not ironic at all,” he says. “I love Merzbow and I love Madonna.” Girl Talk’s fifth album, “All Day,” was released as a free download earlier this year.

Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk
Q: Are you wearing a shirt right now?
A: Am I wearing a shirt right now? Yeah, I’ve got a T-shirt.
Q: Why do you have such a hard time keeping them on?
A: I can’t imagine doing a show without ripping off my shirt. There is the occasional show where it stays on, but those shows are the ones I’m losing my mind the most and I just don’t get around to taking it off.
Q: Do you become a different person when you put on the headband and get onstage?
A: I do feel like I have to step outside of myself. Sometimes when I say things in the microphone, I feel like I’m a professional wrestler. I’ve never thought of it as a character, but it definitely becomes something else. I’m just trying to represent the music to a degree.
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