Pop Quiz: Travie McCoy

Aidin Vaziri | Travie McCoy is inching closer to living the fantasy laid out on “Billionaire,” his huge hit with Bruno Mars. The frontman for Gym Class Heroes is about to release a new single, “Superbad,” the fourth from his solo debut, “Lazarus.” The surprisingly upbeat record was made after McCoy’s high-profile breakup with pop star Katy Perry and his move to Miami to break a debilitating addiction to prescription painkillers. The singer – a frequent collaborator on songs by artists such as Fall Out Boy, Pink and Kelly Rowland – is on his first headlining tour with support from Pete Wentz’s new band, Black Cards.

Travie McCoy
Q: Has that song made you any closer to being a billionaire?
A: I’m coming around the bend. I’m making my way out of the thousand-aire range. I have a dog and a roof over my head, so I’m happy.
Q: A lot of the CD’s lyrics were inspired by your breakup with Katy Perry. Have you gotten over it yet?
A: Oh yeah, that was three years ago. Sometimes when you’re in a long relationship, it takes a while to get over somebody. For me to be bitter and sour over this thing at this point would be a little psychotic. But I still get asked questions about that. I guess people need a scoop, and they want me to spill the beans. The beans have already been spilled. It’s old news.
Q: Well, most people don’t have to see their ex-girlfriend staring back at them from the magazine shelf every time they’re buying a gallon of milk.
A: She’s in my face every day, all day. But after a while, it’s just another face.
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