Clothing Optional: Hunx and His Punx

Clothing Optional: Hunx and His Punx: Aidin Vaziri | Poor Seth Bogart. We caught up with him at the worst possible moment last week: He was packing for South by Southwest. His bed was strewn with possible options in every fabric and pattern – animal prints, polka dots, denim and sequins – and his mind was obviously troubled. His band Hunx and His Punx was getting ready to play seven shows in the next three days. “So I need seven outfits,” he reasoned, sounding remarkably solemn for a man who typically slithers around the stage in edible underwear while wailing into the microphone like one of the Ronettes’ foster children. Bogart said he turned his attention to Hunx and His Punx three years ago after it felt like his band Gravy Train!!!!, the exclamation point-loving electro-pop troupe, had run its course. “It was just time for something different,” he said. “I wanted to perform and go crazy and do my own thing.”
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