Review: Foo Fighters, ‘Wasting Light’

Review: Foo Fighters, ‘Wasting Light’: Aidin Vaziri | For their first album in five years, Foo Fighters went back to their roots. All the way back. “Wasting Light” was recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage at his San Fernando Valley home, entirely on analog tape. After a 15-year run of platinum sales and stadium tours (more if you count the Nirvana days), the hirsute front man certainly could have afforded a more lavish comeback effort. But the low-key approach suits the Fighters perfectly – the record sounds like the product of a band hurtling out of the gate on a blast of velocity and volume. Grohl even brought back “Nevermind” producer Butch Vig and Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic on the track “I Should Have Known.” The full-throttle “A Matter of Time” stands with Foo Fighters’ most truculent rockers; “Dear Rosemary,” which features Hüsker Dü singer Bob Mould, carries a whiff of the Posies and a dash of Swervedriver, sounding like the entire ’90s preserved in resin; and “These Days” offers a respectable flashback to the classic quiet-loud-quiet dynamics of “Everlong.” But it’s the scream-fest “White Limo” on which Grohl fully reverts to his 18-year-old self. You can almost smell the bong-water-soaked Persian rug as he yelps his way through the onslaught of guitars and drums.


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