Review: Gorillaz, ‘The Fall’

Review: Gorillaz, ‘The Fall’: Aidin Vaziri | OK, now Damon Albarn is just showing off. While touring America’s arenas last year with the flesh-and-blood version of his cartoon supergroup Gorillaz, the Blur front man recorded “The Fall” entirely on his iPad – the first-generation model, no less. For an album crafted in soulless hotel rooms, it’s surprisingly deep, particularly low-key synthesizer jams such as “Little Pink Plastic Bags” and “California and the Slipping of the Sun,” which was composed during a stop in Oakland. Crooner Bobby Womack even drops in to offer some rhapsodic room service on the country-tinged “Bobby in Phoenix.” A few of the tracks do sound like mere digital sketches but, on the whole, it’s another set that confirms Albarn is never short on ideas. Available as a download-only release last Christmas, the funky tour diary is now on sale in physical form.


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