Review: The Cars, ‘Move Like This’

Review: The Cars, ‘Move Like This’: Aidin Vaziri | Back behind the wheel after 23 years apart, the original members of the Cars (minus bassist-singer Benjamin Orr, who died in 2000) look slightly worse for the wear, which might explain the silhouettes permeating the album cover and video for the comeback single “Blue Tip.” Musically, though, “Move Like This” makes it feel as if no time has passed since 1987’s “Door to Door.” Employing many of the same synthesizer effects, robotic handclaps and “Dynasty”-era lyrical cliches of the band’s glory days, singer Ric Ocasek unleashes his full New Wave croon for tracks such as “Sad Song” and “Too Late.” But nothing here is compelling enough to prevent you from downloading another copy of 1979’s “Candy-O” instead, especially once the reunion effort hits a bottleneck of dreary ballads midway through.


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