Pop Quiz: Sheryl Crow

Aidin Vaziri | She may be taking her time between albums, but that doesn’t mean Sheryl Crow, 49, is taking it easy. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and single mom of two is in the middle of a big solo tour, with a stop scheduled Saturday at the Sonoma Jazz + Festival. Then she turns around and joins Kid Rock on another long summer trek (they’ll be at Shoreline Amphitheatre on July 29) before returning to her farm outside Nashville to begin work on the country-leaning follow-up to last year’s “100 Miles From Memphis.” Fortunately we were able to steal a few minutes of her time just before her appearance on “American Idol.”

Sheryl Crow
Q: On the final night of your tour with John Mayer, you came out onstage in a bikini. I’m afraid to think how the tour with Kid Rock will end.
A: There is not a chance in hell I will wind up onstage in a bikini with Kid Rock because he will have all these 19-year-old pole dancers, and nobody needs to see a fortysomething’s body when they have that.
Q: You’re getting ready to go on “American Idol” today. What advice would you offer yourself at that age?
A: Don’t sweat the small stuff. I would be more philosophical about the whole thing. I wouldn’t give so much meaning and importance to small things along the way. You tend to do more if you have a good attitude about things, and part of that is getting enough sleep. I would tell myself not to work so hard and learn to say no and just enjoy it and be present in the moment.
Q: That’s a lot of stuff. Is that what you’re going to tell the people on “American Idol”?
A: No. I’m going to tell them to get a good agent.
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