Review: Chloe Makes Music, ‘The Puppeteer’

Review: Chloe Makes Music, ‘The Puppeteer’: Aidin Vaziri | There are traces of Joanna Newsom’s billowing poetry and the hammock-swinging melodies of her parents’ Crosby, Stills and Nash LPs, but on her debut album Chloe Roth – who records under the clunky name Chloe Makes Music – conjures folk music that is contemporary and uncomplicated. Working with a stable of local musicians (Roth frequently contributes local artist interviews to’s Culture Blog), she drapes her barely there voice over mournful cellos and lithe acoustic guitars. Producer Christopher Chu of the Morning Benders, meanwhile, provides the homespun tunes with lush, brooding arrangements and lends his voice to the album’s standout duet, “The Duel.” The music is wonderfully seductive, particularly in moments like the shimmery breakup ballad “Island of Snakes” and the swooning “Wormwood” – each one delivering a fresh round of chills with every listen. They’re capable of bringing sunlight to even the gloomiest summer day.


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