Pop Quiz: The Strokes

Aidin Vaziri | By all accounts – OK, mostly the band members’ – the making of the Strokes’ comeback album, “Angles,” was a harrowing experience involving scrapped sessions, rehab stints and singer Julian Casablancas going astray. Judging from recent interviews, things haven’t improved much since the record’s release. But during a recent phone interview at his New York home, rhythm guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. assured us all was well.

Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes
Q: I heard you guys were barely talking when you made the album. Was it that miserable?
A: You can’t be in a band if you don’t talk. We were all in the studio from January to August writing. And then when we were recording Julian was on the road. It’s not like we didn’t have the songs or structures. There were times we had doubts for it felt weird. You have strange moments. At the end we were in the room together. We did the final changes. We spoke. Through our lawyers, obviously.
Q: Do you read what the other band members say?
A: We can be raw people. We use interviews as an opportunity to speak our minds. When you put it in a Q&A it comes across as serious. Take it a little lighter. Read it like a movie because then it’s hilarious. What more do you want in a band? We’re dysfunctional. It’s awesome.
Q: So you don’t actually travel in separate helicopters?
A: I wish we could travel in separate helicopters.
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