Live Review: James Blake at Great American Music Hall

James Blake review: Rapture at S.F. music hall: Aidin Vaziri | A voice emerged from the darkness in the general direction of the Great American Music Hall stage on Sunday. “Hi,” it said, sounding almost apologetic. A quiet minute passed. “How are you doing?” This was James Blake’s attempt at stage banter. At least, most of the people at the sold-out concert assumed it was Blake because the lights remained low, the evening’s star remained seated behind his fortress of effects pedals and vintage keyboards, and the soulful yelp that punctuated the first notes of the opening song, “Unluck,” sounded just like those on the 22-year-old British songwriter’s rapturously received self-titled debut album. His low-key demeanor suited someone who made a headphone album in his bedroom two years ago, only to watch it unexpectedly thrust him onto magazine covers and into a roomful of strangers halfway across the world that whooped to every snare kick and jutted shoulder. Read more.


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