Pop Quiz: Jason Isbell

Aidin Vaziri | Since former Drive-By Truckers guitarist Jason Isbell set off on a solo career five years ago, he has been logging thousands of miles on the road and hanging out with all kinds of characters. Many of them appear on his third album, “Here We Rest,” which he recorded with 400 Unit, a band he picked up along the way. Isbell settled down long enough at his home near Muscle Shoals, Ala., to knock out the record last year, but for the most part he’s been living out of a van.

Jason Isbell
Q: A couple of years ago your van was cleaned out in San Francisco. Your drummer also quit here. What bad thing do you think will happen this time?
A: That was just a terrible day. We’ve always had a great time in San Francisco. We’ll probably be hung over. That will be the only bad thing that will happen.
Q: How much whiskey do you go through on an average day?
A: I’m on my second one right now. But I’m drinking it in coffee, so it’s a little more dignified.
Q: Why did you ask people to stop taping your shows?
A: It makes me mad when people are holding up their phones and videotaping. If someone wants to stare at their phone, they can do it at home. You’re supposed to go to a show and get drunk and get laid. You don’t get those things if you’re sitting there worried about your stereo line connection.
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