The Set List: U2’s 360° World Tour

U2 going full circle with stadium show: Aidin Vaziri | Even for a band known for its grand gestures, U2’s 360° world tour feels like a monumental undertaking. Forget the oversize white flags and malfunctioning neon lemons of the past, this time the action takes place in “The Claw” – a 150-foot circular stage featuring a massive exostructure that takes four days to build, weighs 400 tons and requires 48 semitrucks to haul between cities. According to Live Nation Entertainment, it is not only the most expensive tour of all time, it is also the highest grossing. Almost a year after it was postponed because of front man Bono’s emergency back surgery, the in-the-round stadium show will finally roll in to the Coliseum in Oakland on Tuesday. In anticipation of its arrival, we shuffled through a pile of recent set lists and put together a fairly comprehensive preview of what fans can expect to hear during the 2 1/2-hour concert. (Spoiler alert: They’re not playing “Mofo.”) Read more.


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