Quinn DeVeaux: Kind of Blue

Guitarist Quinn DeVeaux mixes musical genres: Aidin Vaziri | A few weeks ago, San Francisco jazz and blues singer Kim Nalley was raving about a new musical find. “I just discovered this guy named Quinn DeVeaux,” she said. “He is a black country guitar singer-songwriter. I heard him once at a private jam session and I attacked him asking where he has been hiding my whole life.” The Bay Area club fixture Lavay Smith is so much a fan she loaned DeVeaux her bandleader and boyfriend, piano player Chris Siebert. Meanwhile, the people over at the Berkeley independent concert production firm Another Planet Entertainment tapped the singer and his six-piece band, Blue Beat Review, to play at last year’s Outside Lands festival in Golden Gate Park, sharing a bill with the Strokes and Al Green. DeVeaux doesn’t quite know what to make of all the adulation. “I just sit in my room and write songs,” he said the other day, killing time at the wondrous Valencia Street antique emporium and music venue Viracocha. “It’s just what I do.” Read more.


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