Review: Ledisi, ‘Pieces of Me’

Review: Ledisi, ‘Pieces of Me’: Aidin Vaziri | Stop sobbing over Oprah’s disappearing act – Ledisi has got you covered. On her fifth studio album, the Grammy-nominated New Orleans-born, Oakland-bred R&B singer dispenses words of encouragement and empowerment with every breath. The former “Beach Blanket Babylon” regular pushes her fans to “Raise Up” and “Shine,” applauding their endeavors with a hearty “Bravo.” On the title track, “Pieces of Me,” Ledisi bluntly divulges her own shortcomings: “Like every woman I know/ I’m complicated, for sho’,” she wails, over a mid-tempo wash of wind chimes and synthesizers. Hitting several octaves, however, is clearly not a problem. The album’s persistently laid-back tone is broken up with a guest appearance by Jaheim on the knees-bent duet “Stay Together” and earthy collaborations with John Legend (“I Miss You Now”) and KayGee of Naughty By Nature (“Coffee”). Because, well, even Oprah needed Dr. Oz around to keep things interesting.


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