Bob Mould Sees The Light

Bob Mould tells his story in ‘See a Little Light’: Aidin Vaziri | Bob Mould has led a lot of different lives in his first 50 years. In his new autobiography, “See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody,” he revisits them without flinching. From his days as the closeted front man for Minneapolis indie rock heroes Hüsker Dü to his current career as a gay dance club DJ, from launching a successful solo career to picking up work as a script writer for World Championship Wrestling, no detail is spared. It took Mould more than three years to organize his ideas and get them on paper, with an assist from author Michael Azerrad, who prominently featured Hüsker Dü in his book “Our Band Could Be Your Life.” “Was it the hardest thing I’ve ever done?” says Mould, who now lives in San Francisco. “I don’t know about that. But it was definitely a challenge. Writing a 400-plus-page book dealing with chronology and history and memory and fact takes a lot more work than a three-minute pop song.” Read more.


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