Pop Quiz: Matt Nathanson

Aidin Vaziri | Matt Nathanson set out to make a great big rock record with his latest release, “Modern Love.” But in the end, the San Francisco singer-songwriter couldn’t help making a record that sounds, well, a lot like him – sweet, endearing and a bit weird. Having just returned from a tour with country-pop duo Sugarland, Nathanson is about to embark on a long trek as the opening act on the Maroon 5 and Train co-headlining North American tour, giving him plenty of opportunity to play his new single, “Faster,” to empty bleachers across the country.

Matt Nathanson
Q: You are going to be opening for Train and Maroon 5 during the summer. Are you doing this of your own free will?
A: Yeah. I’ve known Pat Monahan and the Train guys since we used to play together at the Sweetwater and Paradise Lounge.
Q: Are you planning on having a soundproof pod backstage that you can hide inside?
A: No, I’m not. It will be fun.
Q: Have you watched Adam Levine on the reality show “The Voice”?
A: I can’t bring myself to watch it.
Q: What I’m trying to do here is get you in trouble before the tour even starts.
A: I know. I know you very well.
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