Pop Quiz: Dolly Parton

Aidin Vaziri | Not for the first time, Dolly Parton is here to make it better. The 65-year-old country music superstar, actor and amusement park mogul’s latest album, “Better Day” – her 41st studio recording – is a salve for these sour times, full of uplifting tunes and honest Smoky Mountains shenanigans.

Dolly Parton
Q: People outside of Nashville started to take you seriously after the White Stripes covered “Jolene.” Why did it take so long?
A: I know I’m a lot to take in. A lot of people think I’m a comedian. They think I’m about boobs and hair – those are the horny ones. But there are also the people who know how I always take my singing and songwriting seriously. I’ve been around so long I feel like a family member to people. I’m very blessed to have my blue-haired fans and the ones in between and now I have the little ones. I’m hoping I’m around forever.
Q: Do you have any pointers for the drag queens coming to the concert?
A: There are just two things they’ve got to have – big tits and big wigs. The looks of them, they need to saw their legs off because they’re always 3 feet higher than I am. They’re all tall boys, and when they wear the heels they look like they’re 8 feet tall. But I love it. I expect to have my drag queens in the front row in San Francisco. We’re going to have fun.
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