Arcade Fire: Ready To Start

Aidin Vaziri | The world is still reeling from Arcade Fire’s Grammy Awards upset earlier this year, when the stage-sagging band of Canadian indie-rock misfits snatched the coveted album of the year prize from under the noses of tireless superstars Eminem, Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. At the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival next Sunday we get to celebrate their unprecedented victory while revisiting the surging highlights of the group’s most recent release, “The Suburbs.” Bassist Tim Kingsbury called from the road last week to make sure we were prepared.

Tim Kingsbury of Arcade Fire

Q: Five years ago, you were playing for a few hundred people. Now, it’s around 50,000. Do you ever miss playing the more intimate spaces?

A: There’s things about it I definitely miss. It’s taken a while to feel at home in that setting because there’s usually such a huge barrier between you and the crowd. I remember the first time we played Coachella we walked off stage and said, “What the hell was that?” But I think we’ve gotten more used to it.

Q: What are your personal festival survival tips?

A: Sunscreen. Water. Maybe some earplugs. I’ll be your mom for a second.

Q: That’s very considerate advice.

A: Well, if you get sunburned and dehydrated on the first day you’re not going to have a good time the rest of the weekend. We don’t want to come there and have a burnt-out crowd. So do it for me.

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