Review: Kelly Rowland, ‘Here I Am’

Review: Kelly Rowland, ‘Here I Am’: Aidin Vaziri | Imagine having to wake up in Beyoncé’s colossal shadow every day – knowing whatever you do, no matter how much soul you put into it or what you wear doing it, you will never measure up. It’s enough to drive you mental. But enough about Solange Knowles. Beyoncé’s former Destiny’s Child band mate Kelly Rowland seems mostly unbothered by taking the backseat. She has done it for years. So it’s no surprise to find that her third solo album is an unremarkable, pedestrian pastiche of current R&B radio, jumping from unconvincing self-affirmation anthems (“I’m That Chick”) to hopelessly submissive hip-hop cuts (“Lay It on Me”). The material exhibits none of the depth or silky sheen of her former outfit or its breakout leader, but instead settles for something a little more crass that not even the outstanding “Motivation,” the hit collaboration with Lil Wayne, can repair.


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