Cults: Who To Follow

Cults: Indie pop duo draws flock of followers: Aidin Vaziri | Brian Oblivion, the 22-year-old guitarist for everyone’s favorite Brooklyn buzz band, Cults, was feeling a little overwhelmed. The other day he and his girlfriend, singer Madeline Follin, were in the middle of a shoot with Mick Rock, the photographer behind all those familiar images of Queen, David Bowie and Lou Reed. “He’s amazing,” Oblivion drawled, betraying his San Diego roots while taking a break from his duties in front of the lens. Then he turned back to Rock: “We’re going to spend the whole interview talking about you.” Just a year ago, the couple were dozing through film classes at New York University and recording songs at home when a friend forwarded their glockenspiel-fueled track “Go Outside” to a couple of influential music blogs. The response was overwhelming. In just a few whirlwind months, the band signed with Columbia Records, released a self-titled record to breathless praise, and toured the world.

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