Review: Grace Jones, ‘Hurricane’

Review: Grace Jones, ‘Hurricane’: Aidin Vaziri | Grace Jones hasn’t released an album in nearly two decades, but her outrageous presence hasn’t gone missing on the pop charts. Lady Gaga’s career was, in part, charted from the 63-year-old Jamaican American singer’s seminal early ’80s releases – “Warm Leatherette,” “Nightclubbing” and “Living My Life.” When Jones first emerged, her closest pop culture contemporary wasn’t Donna Summer but C3PO. The Studio 54 fixture and onetime James Bond villain retains an otherworldly charm on “Hurricane.” She sounds thoroughly menacing on the Massive Attack-produced “Corporate Cannibal,” hissing, “I’m a man-eating machine.” On “This Is,” she welds grinding guitars over stringy reggae rhythms, and a dark-hued 1997 collaboration with Tricky serves as the album’s title track. The time away from music has allowed some rust to settle in – which hurts twice as much from an artist who was once so adept at plundering the future. But in trade we get the autobiographical “I’m Crying (Mother’s Tears),” a tender electro ballad that reveals she just might be human after all.


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