Pop Quiz: Ladytron

Aidin Vaziri | They might be a quartet from Liverpool with a penchant for monochromatic clothing and shaggy haircuts, but the only musical thing the members of Ladytron share with the band that put their hometown on the map is a rabid sense of adventure. After more than a decade turning out icy synth pop hits such as “Blue Jeans” and “Destroy Everything You Touch,” the group continues to push forward with its moody fifth album, “Gravity the Seducer.”

Reuben Wu of Ladytron
Q: This album is surprisingly mellow. Are you guys finally willing to admit you’re human?
A: We’ve been trying to tell people for the past 10 years that we’re human.
Q: I don’t think the videos and press photos help. Are you telling me you don’t really look like that?
A: It’s all in the post-processing. It’s Photoshop. We Photoshop everything.
Q: Could it be that you’re actually maturing?
A: I always thought our third album was us maturing. But I do think we’ve reached a new chapter. After the “Best of” album, we decided this one was going to be different. We wanted to push ourselves creatively and make something new and original. We wanted to step out of the comfort zone. We wanted a more atmospheric, cinematic collection of songs.
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