Review: Girls, ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’

Review: Girls, ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’: Aidin Vaziri | Girls emerged two years ago with a ready-made backstory involving nomadic sex cults, millionaire benefactors and heavy drug use. Even the sordid details couldn’t overshadow the San Francisco indie rock duo’s music – a collision of surf guitars, jangling rhythms and Elvis-style vocal quavers. On their second album, Girls have expanded into a five-piece and produced a more fully fleshed affair, particularly on the longing and just plain long “Vomit,” where the singer, Christopher Owens, moans “I’m looking for love” over and over as a gospel choir unfolds behind him. There are vivid harmonies on “Saying I Love You” and screaming guitars on “Die,” but at their core Girls’ seedily romantic songs retain their lo-fi charm and dark-hued heart.


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