Review: Björk, ‘Biophilia’

Review: Björk, ‘Biophilia’: Aidin Vaziri | This isn’t merely a new Björk album. For those who are inclined, “Biophilia” offers an interactive universe where fans can explore the songs in microscopic detail through a new website, 90-minute documentary or collection of iPad apps created, we are told, by a team of “developers, scientists, writers, musicians and instrument-makers.” Yawn. Push the 21st century frills aside, pick up a copy of the CD – or better yet, get it on vinyl – and you’ll discover the Icelandic singer has come up with her most compelling work in eons. Brash electronics meld with the warm tones of handmade music machines, while the singer muses on the workings of the universe with that lusty voice. A few of the tracks seem willfully odd (“Hollow,” “Mutual Core”) mostly because, well, this is still a Björk album. But when she takes flight on tunes such as “Moon,” “Virus” and “Cosmogony,” the results are extraordinarily sumptuous and seductive. There is no app for that.


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