Foster The People at the Fillmore

Live Review: Foster The People get the Fillmore pumped up: Aidin Vaziri | Even though it scored one of the biggest songs of the summer with the slow percolating pop hit “Pumped Up Kicks” expectations for Foster the People’s first of two sold-out live dates at the Fillmore on Thursday were relatively low after a dismal appearance on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, where the group awkwardly plodded around the stage and wedged in a not-totally-ironic guest spot by greasy sax man Kenny G into its second number. Fortunately, it seemed to do much better without television cameras – or errant smooth jazz icons. Storming the stage with a rhythm-heavy take on “Houdini” – the song Foster The People is hoping prevents it from being relegated to one-hit-wonder countdowns on VH1 for years to come – the band exhibited the kind of natural vigor and charisma that its major network appearance oddly lacked. Backed by a fantastic light show, the singer and main instigator Mark Foster bound around all flailing limbs and jutting shoulders – and he didn’t let up.
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