Live Review: Feist at the Warfield

Feist: Pop Songs, Deconstructed: Aidin Vaziri | With Feist reinterpreting them on electric guitar, new songs like “How Come You Never Go There” and “The Bad in Each Other” took on bluesy edges that were embellished by the singer’s stage-sagging live band – a ragtag ensemble that included a trio of female backup singers called Mountain Man, several bearded multi-instrumentalists and the Real Vocal String Quartet from San Francisco. Together they leapt effortlessly from the loud wallop of “A Commotion” to the ethereal tones of “Bittersweet Melodies,” adding layer after layer of shade and light. The group also meticulously deconstructed a handful of Feist’s older, more familiar songs and played them in the most unfamiliar ways. The once slinky funk tune “Mushaboom” emerged in a swirl of stark rhythms and harmonies; while the rumbling “My Moon My Man” was repurposed as a furious tribal chant. The most drastic makeover was reserved for the song “I Feel It All,” a floating pop song peeled open into a loud, angry riff that sounded like a throwback to her old indie band Broken Social Scene.
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