Pop Quiz: Lykke Li

Aidin Vaziri | Lykke Li was raised by nomadic hippie parents and spent her toddler years obsessing over Madonna. A string of rotten relationships led her to write the distinctly brooding and weird songs that make up her two albums. But what’s really odd is how much mainstream audiences have embraced the 25-year-old Swedish songstress’ brand of off-kilter pop. Her latest release, “Wounded Rhymes,” is a Top 40 hit. She’s played at Coachella and Lollapalooza, and her songs have made their way onto “Glee,” “American Idol” and even the soundtrack for “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

Lykke Li
Q: AYou turned 25 earlier this year, which is the age of reason. Do you feel any smarter?
A: I mean, to be honest, yes. It’s been a really overwhelming year. I’ve always been wise and old, and now I’m taking a step back. For the first time, I’m acting my age.
Q: AYou have been on tour for the past few years. Before that, your parents lived all over the world. Do you think you could ever settle down?
A: I know. I’ve been running all my life. I’m terrified. It’s in my DNA to always move. Even now I’m more homeless than I’ve ever been. All my stuff is in storage places all over the world. My parents are in India. My sister is in New York. I could go back to Sweden, but what would I go back to – me when I was 19? I have to wonder, who am I underneath this?
Q: AYou better knock out another album quick so you can just keep touring.
A: I don’t want to stay on the road. But where do you lay your hat when so much has happened? It’s hard to stay in your hometown when everyone has changed.
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