Review: Drake, ‘Take Care’

Review: Drake, ‘Take Care’: Aidin Vaziri | Drake is the master of the humble brag. The Canadian teen drama star-turned-gruff rapper spent a good deal of his breakthrough first album, last year’s “Thank Me Later,” moaning about the disappointments that come with fame – long before he actually experienced any. Now that he’s filled out his diary with high-flying escapades such as touring the world, picking up awards and mingling with Rihanna, the former “Degrassi” actor really has something to complain about. “Take Care” is dazzling in sound and oddly deflated in spirit. “I might be too strung out on compliments/ Overdosed on confidence/ Starting not to give a f-/ And stop fearing the consequence,” Drake rhymes on “Headlines.” He laments hooking up with too many women in the eight-minute meditation “Marvin’s Room,” fumes at being photographed by the paparazzi on the downcast “Cameras.” Producers such as Jamie XX, the Weeknd and Lex Luger play into his minimalist, miserable style, helping create one of the greatest emo hip-hop LPs since Basehead’s “Play With Toys.”


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