Pop Quiz: The Naked and Famous

Aidin Vaziri | The biggest thing to happen to New Zealand since Peter Jackson’s makeover? The Naked and Famous, a ridiculously handsome band that in the past year went from supporting small indie acts to playing major festivals around the world (Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Treasure Island). The five-piece group, whose first CD, “Passive Me, Aggressive You,” bursts with giddy electro-pop tunes such as “Young Blood” and “Punching in a Dream,” returns to San Francisco for the first of two shows tonight at the Independent. We spoke to band member Aaron Short.

Aaron Short of the Naked and Famous
Q: You were still working a day job at this point last year. When did you quit?
A: It was when we signed our deal with Universal. We realized things were going to get a lot bigger. So we prepared to live in hotel rooms and buses.
Q: It sounds like you miss the normality.
A: I occasionally think back to it. It was comforting getting up at 8 and coming home at 5. When touring life is so hectic and crazy, you take comfort in those thoughts, but I certainly wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Q: Do you guys fight a lot over the stereo in the van?
A: A majority of the time the van is in complete silence because every person has their headphones on. We see and hear so much of each other, it’s a good opportunity to drift off into our own worlds.
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