Review: ‘Emmett Tinley’

Review: Emmett Tinley, ‘Emmett Tinley’: Aidin Vaziri | Emmett Tinley is the man behind one of the great lost albums of the late ’90s, the Prayer Boat’s “Polichinelle.” An exquisitely produced, soul-searching set of songs that aimed for the midway point between Jeff Buckley and David Gray, it should have made him a star. Instead, the Irish singer-songwriter has spent the past decade adrift, just now getting around to releasing his second album. The self-titled effort (it’s available in physical form only in the European Union Benelux countries, digitally worldwide on Amazon) reveals Tinley hasn’t lost his sense of cynicism about love, nor his delicate touch in the studio. “Sooner or Later” is a gorgeous, minimally arranged showcase for his hurting tenor with a devastating trumpet solo, and “Takes a Long Time to Heal” was made for cold winter nights spent splayed on the living room floor wondering where it all went wrong.


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